Food is love! When we offer quality wet and dry food to our felines, we do our best to keep them healthy. But some cats are picky, and others have unique nutritional needs. Then there is the cost factor and the ultimate question, “How much money should I spend on cat food?”

Here we’ll cover the best cat foods you can buy in 2023. We’ve included 12 wet and dry foods, and we’ve based our decisions on:

  • Professional formulas
  • Consumer reviews
  • Availability
  • And price 

That last item matters a lot, because we all need to draw the line somewhere at cat food costs. So enjoy this list of the best cat foods available in 2023.

1. Royal Canin Brand

Royal Canin is the leader — by far — in our list of best cat foods. The Royal Canin feeds include vet-approved formulas for every imaginable breed and health situation. Most common kibble formulas — like standard Kitten, Adult, and Senior — are available at online retailers like Chewy and Amazon, as well as veterinary offices and local feed stores.

2. Hills “Science Diet” Cat Foods

Another well-respected vet-formulated food is Hills Science Diet products. Science Diet boasts terrific reviews online, and it’s a go-to brand for most vets. The “Kitten” and “Adult” feeds are a bit cheaper than other elite cat food, but the “Prescription” formulas are priced a bit higher. 

Hills formulas are available at online retailers like Chewy, and they are a standard offering at most vet offices. You won’t often see them in grocery stores or local feed stores. 

3. Fancy Feast Canned Wet Foods

Fancy Feast is a reliable standard. This Purina Mills product is considered a top-shelf grocery store feed available everywhere, from dollar stores to gas stations. The ingredients are correct, and consumer reviews are mainly positive. Even the choosiest kitties seem to love it. It’s not the most prestigious food on the market, but it does a great job hydrating our feline friends.

Fancy Feast canned cat foods get bonus points for being affordable. Simply put: it’s cheap, everywhere, and your cat WILL eat it!

4. Purina Pro-Plan Veterinary Diets

Designed to compete with Royal Canin and Hills Science Diet, this Purina product is also vet-approved. It’s a bit cheaper than Science Diet, and some formulas are considerably less expensive than Royal Canin. However, consumer reviews suggest that kitties who favor Royal Canin will be reluctant to make the switch.

5. Blue Buffalo “Carnivora” Wet and Dry Cat Foods

Carnivora blend cat foods provide superior grain-free nutrition that cats LOVE. Do the math, though, and you’ll find they’re far more expensive than Royal Canin. They’re easy to find. Chewy and Amazon carry them, as will many locally-owned feed stores. We’ve even seen them on the shelves at high-end grocery stores and niche pet boutiques. 

Did We Miss Your Favorite Brand?

Now you’re armed with the knowledge to choose the best cat food for your feline, based on price, availability, ingredients, and more. Did we miss out on your favorite brand? Tell us in the comment below. We’d love to share that information with others.

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