These heat waves sweeping across the country have us all dreaming about escape, and what better way to escape than to head to the beach? And if you’re heading to the beach soon (we all need a beach vacation, am I right?), you will want to pack up some of the latest fashion trends for beachwear 2018.


Minimalism seems to be the primary trend. Whether in a bikini or one-piece suit, solid colors or micro-graphics are dominating the sand.

woman sitting on the beach wearing hat and bathing suit

If you have your beach tan already, white creates a stunning look, but black carries its dominance in women’s fashion to the beach and poolside through the years. Though black and white rule, bold solid colors also find their seat on the beach towels.

Mismatched styles also catch the eye as you’re strolling along the boardwalk (and isn’t catching eyes half the fun of going to the beach?) Pairing stripes and polka dots could be considered a mild form of shaking things up, but a bold mixing of colors will really attract that attention. Keep the black bikini top, but mismatch it with a fuchsia or neon orange bottom and watch heads turn.

If you’re not into minimalism or mismatching, you’re more likely to want to join the floral trend that has followed from the spring runway into the summer beach must-have. Floral swimwear also gives you the opportunity to break out some of your most colorful accessories.


Maybe we don’t always think about the kinds of accessories we need to wear to the beach, but they certainly can help if you’re out to attract the extra looks.

The minimalist look would naturally seem to combine nicely with small, dainty jewelry, but you also could set off the look with a giant, chunky necklace or wide leather bracelet with metal studs.

The retro and bohemian looks also are showing a strong influence over accessory trends for summer 2018. A pair of cat-eye sunglasses will take you right back to those happy, easy days of the 1950s. Or maybe you’d be happier going back not quite so far as to pick up the hippie look of the early 1970s with a headband and wire-rimmed sunglasses.


A necessary accessory for any beach vacation is the cover-up, a piece that almost defies trends. You can define your individuality with your choice of beach or swimming pool cover-up.

Some ladies will prefer the simplicity of a maxi dress they can slip over their swimwear and slip right into the restaurant or bar for evening relaxation.

Sheer is also a constant companion in the cover-up game, whether it be a sheer white tunic, colorful wrap or printed cami. A loose-weave cardigan gives you a weightier option.

A cover-up with long sleeves is also becoming more the norm as we learn the importance of sun protection and now even more as we learn our sunscreens may be harming the environment. (Hawaii just passed legislation that in three years will ban sunscreens with certain ingredients that are thought to be harmful to coral reefs.) The other great advantage of a long-sleeve cover-up is it provides a little warmth when you head into that air-conditioned restaurant or bar later in the day.

One final great feature about your favorite cover-up is that you don’t have to leave it behind at the beach. While you might not consider wearing your bikini out for a night on the town, your cover-up can pair with your street clothes to remind you of those relaxing times you had on your beach vacation.

Even if your apartment complex or municipal swimming pool is as close as you’re going to get to a beach vacation this year, the Beach Boutique offers an array of swimwear and accessories to put you in the beach frame of mind.

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